OK. So this is how it works……..

The Initial Contact

You will contact us with an idea for a website – this might be by email, over the phone,  or in person.

The Consultation

We will then arrange to have a discussion with you, again this might be by email, over the phone, over Skype, or in person – dependent on location and calendars, etc.

The Proposal

A Proposal will then be created identifying the main elements and details of the project. Costs and timescales and any success criteria will be identified and any existing artwork (logo, corporate image, colour scheme) discussed and copies made available for development if required.

The Development

Should the Proposal be accepted then we will undertake to develop the product for you. At this point a Deposit is payable. The Deposit will be 20% of the overall cost of the Project or a minimum charge of £100. A timescale will be agreed for the development of the Project.

The Review

On completion of the design work, a draft version will be created. This will be presented to you for review. At this stage any corrections and amendments can be made. On completion of any changes to the design, the Final Design will be presented to you. At this stage any websites are still only in draft form and can not be accessed by the general public.

The Launch

On payment of the outstanding balance the website will go live and can be accessed by the general public and search engines such as Google, etc.

More details……………

This is the ‘In a nutshell’ version – if you prefer the ‘all-singing all-dancing version then please click this link – Full version full of legal jargon.