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Buy a Blog

Blogging is very much the modern way of having a web presence. You can opt for a dynamic blog showing your latest posts or a static blog which also shows your posts but they are behind a ‘static’ or constant front page. These are the simplest sites to set up and allow for easy updates, even by phone!

from £150+VAT for a personal website of 1 home page and 2 other pages

from £250+VAT for a Small Business Website of 1 home page and 4 other pages

Hurrah for HTML

HTML has been around for a while (actually since the web began). It is still an effective way of creating a website, particularly one where most of the content doesn’t change very often. 

from £250+VAT for a site of 1 home page and 4 other pages

Jolly Joomla

Joomla sites offer a look which is somewhere between a traditional HTML site and a Blog. They tend to be more structured in ‘look’ than a blog but still allow for a number of people to contribute to the site without having to have detailed knowledge of IT.

from £350+VAT for a site of 1 home page and 4 other pages

Shell out for a Shop

With an internet shop you can sell your goods, products or services around the world. There are a number of packages around. We use a combination of WordPress and WordPress extensions to produce a professional look whilst not compromising on performance. The WordPress core also allows easy updates as required in a fast moving marketplace.

from £350+VAT for a Basic Shop Site including a home page and up to 10 products

from £450+VAT for a Basic Shop Site including a home page and up to 20 products

each increment of 10 products adds £100+VAT to the price!

Marvellous Moodle

Moodle is a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) – that’s just posh for ‘Online Courses’. It has been around a long time but is continually being developed and upgraded. We have been installing Moodles since 2002 and, over the years, have become Moodle evangelists. We just think they’re pretty neat and effective at managing online learning courses. Moodles can be scaled to the size of your organisation (i.e. how many students or learners you have) or to the breadth of subject matter (i.e. how many courses) you wish to run. The scale will also depend on the type of content you wish to make available for your students. Video will take more space than text-based documents. We offer a number of different Moodle packages to suit your ambitions and pockets.

Outline Moodle – we create the website and an outline structure, including theme and front page and an outline for up to 2 courses. After an initial training session (1 hour) you create the content. From £500+VAT

Populated Moodle – as above but we also help develop the resources and materials in the Moodle. As this very much depends on the quantity and nature of the resources we will agree a price after an initial consultation about your needs. Prices on request