About us

Ichthus Web Design was formed in 2011 and as a Limited Company in 2018, though in reality it’s roots are much earlier. We have extensive experience in Web design, particularly Joomla (5 years), Moodle (17 years), WordPress (5 years), Mahara (7 years) and even HTML (23 years) installations. Our clients typically want a presence on the web in the form of a blog or a virtual learning environment. Most of our early clients tended to be in the voluntary, educational and charitable sectors though we are now expanding into the commercial sector, particularly looking for clients in the small to medium business category (though if you are a major multinational and you like our work – we’ll give it a go!)

Our staff are all DBS checked and are on the update service.

We have members of staff who are qualified to teach in a variety of settings with the following experience:

10 years teaching Religious Education; 10 years teaching ICT; 8 years teaching Computer Science; 5 years teaching BTEC Mathematics; 7 years teaching Electrical Engineering.

All of whom have survived the experience with their sense of humour intact!